Holland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and its landscape and architecture are to leave anyone with their chin down. The mystique of the place is also very important. Because of its extremely liberal and humane policies, the region is one of the most sought after by young people all over the world.

See below ten possibilities of places for you to make a very nice visit. There are options for all tastes, just define your itinerary and walk the road.

1. Rotterdam


The first city in this list that deserves a certain highlight is the wonderful Rotterdam. It is not as well known as the capital, but it has incredible beauties. It was built from a dam in 1270 and today it owns the biggest port in Holland and one of the biggest in the whole world.

The city is the second largest in the country and brings in its architecture aspects of modernity together with natural beauties. The colors are also an important aspect. It’s really all very beautiful there.

2. The Hague

The Hague

The Hague is famous for being the capital of international justice. It is there that so-called crimes against humanity, which go beyond the borders of countries, are judged. It is the third largest city in Holland, but unlike the first two, The Hague has an architecture closely linked to the times of World War II.

The Palace of Peace, for sure, is the most famous attraction of the city, but it is not the only one. You should visit the Mauritshuis art museum, one of the most incredible places in The Hague. Besides, the region is very cold. If you go at certain times of the year you will get lots of snow and charming landscapes.

3. Bourtange


A magnificent little village within the Netherlands. With a lot of green, the Bourtange Fortress is to enchant anyone. It was built in the 16th century and even today maintains a beautiful architecture in line with the exuberant nature of the temperate lands of the Old World.

A very quiet place, so you can relax without problems and enjoy a first quality clean air. Visiting the small town museum is also an excellent idea. You will certainly feel very good to know this beautiful place.

4. Gouda


The traditional Gouda has a beautifully indisputable architecture, but that’s not the only thing that calls the attention of those who visit the city: there is a famous yellow cheese made of cow’s milk. It’s almost a lack of education to go to this place and not taste this delicious delicacy.

The city is close to the capital Amsterdam and has other very important gastronomic qualities for those who love to eat typical local foods. There is a cookie in Gouda called Stroopwafel that is stuffed with caramel syrup… You can eat it without thinking about the consequences with the scale.

5. Amsterdam


The mystical and wonderful Amsterdam is the dream of consumption for many young people around the world. Besides the wonderful parks and incredible architecture, the city has a kind of alternative life sought by many people.

But the Dutch capital goes beyond this paradise for young people and there are also excellent options for couples and even families. As a good European megacity, what is not lacking in dear Amsterdam is a place to visit and feel good. It is probably among the three most beautiful capitals in all of Europe. It’s worth a lot to know. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the wonderful Van Gogh Museum. It is a must for any tourist.

6. Haarlem


The incredible Haarlem is the so-called “city of the flower” because its tulip fields wander all over the city, giving you the wonderful beauty that will enchant you and a lot. Along with all this colorfulness, the old architecture of the place is of an enormous exuberance. A walk there is certainly one of the most remarkable experiences for those visiting Holland.

There are many museums, libraries, arts and science exhibitions all over the city. An incredible place that you will love to meet and breathe pure air while observing beautiful monuments.

7. Maastricht


The oldest city in Holland was created by Romans and has a breathtaking architecture. Between Antiquity and the Middle Ages you can see several monuments that prove the importance of this place for the history of the world. The historical center is wonderful, with basilicas, squares, alleys and museums. But those who think that the magnificent Maastricht is only from the past are mistaken. There are also many shopping malls, restaurants, cafes and leisure options.

8. Venlo


Another city of Roman origin, but with an architecture much closer to the modern than the old. Venlo was an important commercial center, mainly in the 14th century, when it was created. Much of its history was destroyed in the world wars, but the reconstruction left it more beautiful than it was before.

The city center is an attraction apart, with many restaurants, bars, cafes and everything you need to enjoy the magnificent typical Dutch gastronomy.

9. Groningen


Just like Amsterdam, Groningen is another very pleasant destination for young people. Because it is a university city, there are plenty of parties and ballads to warm the heart in such a cold place. Another characteristic related to universities is the presence of many museums, libraries, theaters and a lot of music that rolls around the city.

For sure it is a place that if you are young you will love. The population is very receptive and every day you will discover a new place to go and enjoy a lot. You may not want to leave there.

10. Utrecht


Finally, it is necessary to talk about the historic Utrecht. With an architecture that doesn’t deny its age, the main attraction is a channel that passes right in the middle of the city, as if it was a Venice. It’s also the biggest university in Holland, so the young public also takes care of the place.

You must know the famous Gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin, created in 1254. An extremely beautiful place that you will love to admire. The Dom Tower and the Speelklok Museum are also excellent visiting options. A beautiful city with many tourism options.